Thetedswoodworking has recently launched a unique product that offers to bring about woodwork ‘skill makeover’ for anyone. Be it for hobby or for learning woodworking for earning a livelihood, thetedswoodworking has got a solution for its customers. The product they offer comes in the form of a book that has all the plans mapped out to guide the customer/learner. Easy to understand and follow, the book is written by a professional woodworker Ted McGrath, an award winning professional woodworker with professional ethics throughout the pages. The book aims to give a deep insight into wood crafting for any amateur who wants to try their hands in wood crafting. Those already in the field can benefit from the book as it will help to polish the skills and learn new technique.

The book will guide anyone interested in woodworking and crafting products from wood. Be it for own use at home or for crafting wood products for sale, they have made the books easy to understand by putting in lots of graphics and images for practical understanding of the book. There are different plans cited and illustrated for every piece of wood work in the book. Some popular and most demanded wood crafts are chairs, tables, beds, sofa sets, dresser, kitchen cabinets, book shelves, ladders, cupboards, stools which are all illustrated with step by step guides.

Thetedswoodworking aims to deliver the simplest steps to even amateur woodworker. Hence the book aims to mold and guide the readers to create beautiful and aesthetic piece of wood crafts just by reading it and putting it into practical. The book from thetedswoodworking starts by informing the readers about the kind of tools needed for different kinds of furniture making. Armed with the right kind of carpentry tools the book guides the readers to start crafting woods to beautiful creations. They also invite the readers to share the different products they have created after reading the book. For more information please visit


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Thetedswoodworking provides an easy to read book written for wood craft lovers. They have all the instruction and illustrated images on how to create fine wooden furniture and show piece.


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