09, March 2016: It has been widely acknowledged that the Airwheel intelligent electric scooter’s design is trendy and stylish. Its quality is reliable. More importantly, it pays a lot of attention to the feedback on their products from the end user. One of highlights of Airwheel is that there are a variety of exclusive accessories, such as the Airwheel Backpack, Airwheel- Leg control, Power Inverter, Exclusive auxiliary wheel, Airwheel Exclusive Charger, Exclusive Helmet, Exclusive Treadles Exclusive Shin Guards, Exclusive Training Belt, and Exclusive Holder and many other kinds of accessories. Some accessories are commonly used to all Airwheel products and some are designed for certain electric self-balancing scooter, such as Airwheel Q1 Tyre, Q5 Shin Guards and Q3 Shin Guards and so on.


For instance, the Airwheel backpack is waterproof and has good permeability with many pockets. With wider and thicker straps, it is excelling in bearing system, which accords with human engineering, so as to reduce the pressure of shoulder. Moreover, there is an airbag design in the straps to highlight your unique charm and fashion taste. The main cabin is spacious, which can put the travel belongings such as clothes, books, and even 16 inches computer easily.

And Airwheel exclusive shin guards are made of premium materials, which is soft and yielding to care for your legs. The colourful Airwheel exclusive shins express one’s emotion and speak for one’s mentality. Mark yourself and make a difference by the avant colours toned by top designers. Airwheel exclusive shin guards feature high air permeability and delicate textures, delivering comfortable riding experience.


The Airwheel special aiding wheels made of aviation aluminium, sturdy and wear-resistance, matt surface, exquisite look are a great help for beginners. Combined with the Exclusive Training Belt with passionate orange hue, green hands will learn faster from a rookie. These accessories make your Airwheel personal transportation electric skateboards exclusive.

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