If you have been hesitant about putting Adsense contextual ads on your site, then you really should take advantage of it as soon as possible. You know you need a preferably good site with content that people want to read, and then obviously you need as much traffic as possible. People only get their accounts shut down when they either willingly or mistakenly break the rules governing Adsense.

How much power and control do you have over keeping your account open for business? Is there anything at all you can do to protect your Adsense account?

Believe it or not, but some people try to help themselves by clicking through on the ads on their sites. Google will slap you down and close your account forever if you ever do that. Google is very bright when it comes to tracking metrics, and they will know immediately if you do it. It's alright if you accidently clicked on one your ads, but doing that again and again is a strict no-no. Don't think you can beat the system by taking part in a scheme that involves increasing your revenues by clicking on someone else's ads in exchange for them clicking on yours. However, if the same computers are frequently clicking on one another's ads, Google will soon see a pattern based on the IP addresses involved.

One way to ensure that everything is as it should be with your account is to closely monitor it and watch for anything that doesn't seem right. If something doesn't look right, you should report this to Google as soon as possible. You shouldn't be afraid to bring a problem like this to their attention, as this isn't something you'll get into trouble for, especially if you're completely up front about it. The way you could get banned would be to do nothing and wait for Google to notice the issue; in this case, they may hold you responsible.

In conclusion, from the above article we can clearly see what steps you should be taking to ensure that your AdSense account is safe. A lot of people are tempted to make changes or take shortcuts, and that is when people get into trouble. You already get a good amount of freedom with AdSense in different areas, so all you need to do is put in an honest effort to start earning from the program.

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