The Dating World Is About To Be Revolutionized. Introducing The Only Mobile Dating App That Instantly Matches Users Based On Personality, Interests & Looks While You Are In The Club.

Las Vegas / London / NYC / Dublin — The revolutionary real-time dating app Pulsate is now available on the Apple App Store and Android Market. It’s not just the world’s first real-time meetup app made exclusively for nightclubs and bars, Pulsate also matches users based on interests and personality, looks, and location. The perfect icebreaker, Pulsate provides the easiest way for new people to meet, learn about each other, and get together in a safe and fun environment.

Pulsate was designed to meet a very specific problem with today’s dating world—maintaining profile authenticity while guaranteeing complete anonymity. Never before have users been able to ensure that the person behind a dating profile is real and genuine while remaining completely anonymous. By using a breakthrough industry-leading match algorithm, Pulsate is able to  match users based on personality and interests without divulging the identity of users until meeting time.

Unlike the majority of online dating sites, Pulsate allows users to make instant connections in real time—avoiding days, weeks, or months of wasted time emailing or texting. While many other dating services change per month to provide “matches,” Pulsate only charges users a small fee per meetup. Instead of charging users for dates they might never have, this model guarantees that users will meet in a credible fun and addictive way.

Until now, profile authenticity has challenged dating site and meetup app users. Instead of forcing users to second guess the authenticity of potential dates, Pulsate utilizes Facebook authentication technology to eliminate 90% of fake profiles. This measure guarantees that Pulsate has the highest number of users that who are real people—not fake profile users simply playing tricks on others.

The Pulsate app design process demonstrates the perfect integration of practicality and technology. Ideally, users will utilize Pulsate to find the pulse of local parties and events— gauging the interaction and relationship building potential of local venues during a night out on the town.

Pulsate also implements the latest technology to accurately predict matches that will result in long term relationships—compare Pulsate’s look and personality detection capabilities with the simple swish, flirt, and forget methods of other apps, and it’s easy to see why it is the choice for people serious about making great connections.

Foremost, Pulsate provides safety. Instead of revealing the identity of users instantly, Pulsate allows members to protect their anonymity until meeting time. This makes it ideal for individuals with sensitive jobs who do not want to be seen by random strangers that they don’t know on a dating site or meetup app.

Pulsate’s brilliance is digitizing how humans physically court and making it stunningly simple to do so via a smartphone: Link to your Facebook account with one tap and in seconds the app’s algorithm is feeding you endless photos of potential mates in your area. No questionnaires or forms—just faces. Swipe right if you like the person, swipe left if you don’t. When a person who you like separately likes you, Pulsate connects you both via chatbox. “We’ve eliminated the fear of rejection,”

“Most people who approach a stranger at a bar are nervous about being rejected and the other person feels hunted. The “yes-no” swiping design, each match gives the user an ego boost. And like Facebook, Tinder and Instagram, Pulsate offers virtual voyeurism—people-watching in the palm of your hand. But while Tinder is only a virtual “like” the interaction between users, a Pulsate match occurs in the real world.

Pulsate is already available for iPhones on the Apple Store, it will be available for download on at the Android App store soon. Users don’t have to pay to download Pulsate— membership in the Pulsate network is free—it does cost $1 to meetup with matches (this helps guarantee genuine matches), however, free credits are provided with a new account to get you started.

Additionally, Pulsate allows local nightclubs, bars, music venues, and establishments to understand the social pulse and measure the buzz surrounding business. It’s not just a meetup and dating app—Pulsate takes the pulse of the local party scene and allows all users to benefit, with many venues offering real time promotions of your favourite drink.

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Pulsate is the brainchild of company founder Richard Graham. His goal is to provide a unique user meetup experience, and enhance commercial opportunities for nightclub and bar owners.

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