PimplePopper is the best way to effectively and hygienically get rid of pimples with minimal scarring for a quick healing time.

Made of high quality stainless steel and dual tipped to banish all sizes and types of pimples, PimplePopper works on blackheads and whiteheads, large and small.

Whether pimples are caused by stress and hormones, diet or the weather they can be painful, unsightly, and hard on the self-esteem of both teenagers and adults. Other methods of handling pimples can be expensive creams, require visits to the doctor, or make the problem worse by causing infection and swelling. Even when the pimples clear up they - and the methods used trying to get rid of them - can leave permanent scarring.

Created for those suffering with acne or just the occasional pimple, on the face or any other area of the body, PimplePopper is the easiest and most effective way to deal with pimples.

Popping pimples with the hands is clumsy and unhygienic. Bacteria from the fingers can infect the pimple and make it worse, even if using a tissue. Using fingers does more damage to the surrounding area, causing more swelling and redness and drawing more attention to the pimple — the last thing anyone wants.

PimplePopper(http://www.amazon.co.uk/PimplePopper-Comedone-Extractor-Spot-Popper/dp/B01ADOB9H0)’s stainless steel construction is easy to clean with hot water and has two different sized popping loops to fit all sizes of pimples for accurate popping with minimal irritation to the skin and quicker recovery. With less redness and swelling people can be ready to face the world sooner, with blemish-free skin. In the longer term the chances of scarring are also reduced - a big concern of pimple-sufferers everywhere.

Aiming to make managing pimples easier for everyone, Harry Gardiner, founder of PimplePopper, said he discovered PimplePopper after teenage struggles with acne. “One session showed me how it was actually possible to manage my pimples in a way that meant I didn’t always have to walk out of the front door with mountains erupting all over my face!”

After being hampered by confusing existing products and expensive shipping Harry set out to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of PimplePopper. Which is why with free domestic shipping from the USA, UK and Australia, 30-day satisfaction guarantee and one-year quality guarantee it is now easier than ever to get your hands on PimplePopper and manage pimples.

PimplePopper will change the way people all over the world deal with their pimples: reducing the risk of scarring, improving hygiene and minimising healing time.

Harry Gardiner
Portsmouth, Hampshire
[email protected]