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These articles have been following the story of the water crisis in Flint for quite some time now, a few months after it started to haunt the communities in the area. Past resources said that authorities are working towards finding solutions, and that residents are not experiencing the worst scenarios than before.

However, despite the treatments that authorities and the government has placed, since even the United States president got to show that water is in safe levels since the news that had him drinking water from these areas, the issues that the communities are now facing are on the legal aspects.

In a recent report on Viral Global News website, the water crisis in Flint continues with the harsher investigation and roadblocks that the concerned parties are now facing, with the news report describing the situation as having the authorities “handling themselves in an exceedingly exceptional fashion.”

It is true that authorities are work hard in cooperation to restore safe and quality living conditions, the article said it is still a chasing game for documents and costs. It has been reportedly stated that residents in the state of Michigan are now midst increasing costs in legal fees, and it has been reported as well that private attorneys will receive around a million dollars from taxpayer funds.

There are more funds reportedly being approved and required in the investigation, “nearly triple the amount of the total, approved, contract amount.”

There have been improvements nonetheless, but Viral Global News said that communities in Flint have them becoming more and more impatient about the news on updated facilities for their water supplies.

The story about the Flint water crisis that these articles on HealthyWiser have been following is about race against time.

“The new water resource, Flint River, has historically been known to have degraded quality including particles of fecal matter, reduced dissolved oxygen, and toxic substances. The savings would never been seen as officials failed to properly treat the water with an anti-corrosive agent and more importantly failed to update the pipes, service lines and coating,” Viral Global News further noted.

For those residents living in Flint, it has always been highly recommended that they use devices such as HealthyWiser’s TDS meter and professional grade water test kit to ensure that the water that comes in their homes are safe and clean. This can test the quality of the water in the most accurate ways possible, with the help of its easy to use features such as the LCD screen and its interface.

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