New York, NY; 19 December, 2013: The “Wall Street Conspiracy” by Brown Saddle Films is now available on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, You Tube Movies, Play Station, I Love Docs, and VUDU. Yes, another conspiracy theory documentary — but this one is sure to knock its viewer’s socks off. Our entire way of life and economy is tied to trust in our financial institutions and system of government and this film shakes those foundations to the core. This is a must see for anyone who invests in stocks, has a retirement fund, owns a small business, or cares about the future of our country. 

Typhoon Kristina Leigh Copeland

The documentary, produced and directed by Kristina Leigh Copeland and presented by her company, Brown saddle Films, brings to light something that most people have never heard of — a practice in the financial markets called “naked short selling.” Broken down, naked short selling is basically stealing, and until very recently was done on a widespread basis by Wall Street traders and hedge funds as they manipulated stock prices and drove publicly traded companies into the ground. The practice involves the flooding of markets with “naked” shares that don’t really exist, selling them, and then driving down the price of the actual shares that do exist. 

The Wall Street Conspiracy” follows a group of activists, (Mark Faulk and Darren Saunders) entrepreneurs (Patrick Byrne, Rod Young, and Gerald Smith), economists (Robert Shapiro, Susanne Trimbath), and lawyers (Wes Christian and John O’Quinn) who spent years trying to expose this highly nefarious Wall Street practice. All of these people were marginalized and largely ignored by federal regulators, congressmen, and the mainstream media until after the financial meltdown of 2008, but by then it was too late, and the practice of naked short selling had extended into the bond market. They have yet to give up their crusade, for now six years after the financial meltdown, it is more important than ever that existing rules be enforced to prevent another economic collapse. 

The “Wall Street Conspiracy” highlights examples of specific companies that were targeted by Wall Street criminals. One of the companies was, a promising start-up that went public in 2002. Overstock’s CEO, Patrick Byrne alleges in the film that large Wall Street Firms, including Goldman Sachs engaged in naked short selling causing shares of Overstock to plummet in 2005. survived the onslaught, but other smaller companies that were targeted didn’t. 

According to the film, federal regulators at the FCC, were either inept, completely incompetent, or corrupt, as they turned a blind eye to complaints of naked short selling and the unjust manipulation of stock prices by traders. Members of Congress also seemed to be in collusion, as they ignored calls to action. The mainstream media dropped the ball and at one point were going to air an extensive piece on 20/20, but switched that at the last minute to a story about American Idol contestant, Reuban Studdard. 

In one key scene of the film, financial “guru” and CNBC television personality, Jim Cramer even admits to engaging in the practice of naked short selling on a national television show and explains the unethical practice used by hedge funds to manipulate the market, “It’s a fun game, it’s a lucrative game,” he boasts. He then goes on to explain how they are able to skirt the rules,” You can’t create yourself an impression the stock’s down, but you do it anyway because the FCC doesn’t understand it,” Cramer then casually explains to the starry eyed host how “truth” has no place in the process “It is important to develop a new truth, to develop a fiction,” he says. 

The documentary contends that these practices in part led to the financial meltdown of 2008. To add insult to injury, the very Wall Street firms and banks engaged in these practices were bailed out by the federal government after the crash. To this date, nobody involved in naked short selling has been prosecuted for a crime, though literally $trillions were stolen. “The Wall Street Conspiracy” delivers a wake up call to everyone in America and deserves a serious look. The pension funds and life savings of millions of Americans are at stake as the fox is still guarding the hen house. 

About Kristina Leigh Copeland: 

Kristina Leigh Copeland created Brown Saddle Films to expand upon her desire to raise awareness about issues she feels are important in our world today. 

Kristina has spent decades fund raising on behalf of organizations to help spread their message, and the process and results were always incredible and rewarding… having had those experiences and a career in the entertainment industry, Kristina decided the most effective way to reach the global community was through the medium of film. 

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