China - It should be such a long period of time for the appearing and developing of the LED lighting LED. However, after decades of development, the industry for LED products has become increasingly healthy, furthermore, the market and technology of the LED lighting products such as High Power LED Lamp has made great progress and this industry need the resource integrated and the penetration to people¡¯s normal life.

Recently, Xiamen 2013 LED industry chain project matchmaking has been held. There are more than 200 LED manufacturing representatives and experts attended this meeting. The China famous High Power LED Lamp manufacturer Ningbo Everstar Lighting Co., Ltd. has attended to this meeting. In this meeting, they have talked about the problem about the normal application of LED lighting products. It has been predicted that the lease time large-scale covering of the LED lighting products to ordinary people yesterday in China should be 2015.

In this meeting, the Ningbo Everstar Lighting ( had also signed five projects, including an SMD LED indoor semiconductor lighting appliances and detection technology development and application of the electric light source product. Successful contract signing also shows with people that this company¡¯s products have been widely accepted by their clients.

The engineer from Everstar Lighting said:¡± After more than ten years¡¯ development, LED industry has become more and more mature in China and the relatively market for this industry also become increasingly healthy. This should be good news for all of our manufacturers. At present, our LED lighting products have been largely applied in the area of street lights, traffic lights and other public facilities. But, the entering of LED products to normal people¡¯s life also needs such a long period of time.¡± This engineer¡¯s words are very reasonable because there are indeed many reason for the widely promotion of LED lighting products.

The ordinary people need short period of time to accept LED product. However, the high price of the LED products such as SMD LED should be the main reason for the widely application. The other reason should be the public acceptance and confirmation for energy saving and environment friendly. The engineer from Everstar Lighting also said the time for LED lamps¡¯ massive coverage to people¡¯s home is at least 2015. In this regard, other people also said the reason for efforts to promote the market and policy support is also very crucial.

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