China - The upgrading of the coding holographic technology has made the holographic sticker from the online supplier become the hot selling items security products. The expert from this supplier has said the holographic was the very developed anti-counterfeiting in the early 1990. With the go over of time, this technology has been rapid spread and now this technology has already been broken by counterfeiters from all aspects and its security capabilities are very limited. Furthermore, some post-type laser trademark can be repeatedly used.

Since 1995, the hologram started to be integrated with the information security technology such as the optical microfilm technology could record text message on the hologram which is illegible to be seen by naked eye. People could only ask help from the 60 times even 100 times magnifying glass to observe specific content. This means is relatively difficult to be copied by the imitator and the production cost for the label with this technology is very high cost. Nowadays, the security hologram sticker manufacturer has making full use of this technology. However, the normal consumers cannot visually see the detail without the helping of the special device. They must use professional equipment to identify.

With the widely application of the laser holographic technology, the pattern security holographic sticker photochemical technology could help manufacturer produce the pattern which has metallic luster that the normal hologram pattern and sticker does not have. This newly types of security holographic sticker would be easy to be identified by human¡¯s naked eye. In addition, manufacturer also set up the encrypted hidden information in photochemical relief pattern which could help people largely strength the anti-counterfeiting effort of the label.

It could be said that there must be many faked branding products in today¡¯s market. The future trend for the laser anti-counterfeit security should be the information security. If the manufacturer could integrate dozens of anti-counterfeiting technologies on their products, it will be difficult for counterfeiters to imitate the genuine products.

According to report from, one commodity in today¡¯s supermarket will often applied 7 to 9 sorts of anti-counterfeiting technologies. The cost on the security protection of the commodities such as electronic parts, auto parts, pesticides, fertilizers and some brand-name goods could reach to 0.3 and 0.5% of the true value of the products. In the future, with the development of the technology and decreasing of the producing cost, the security products such as hologram stickers will become a little bit cheap.

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