(Free Press Release) PORTLAND, OR, PRNewsfeed- With the introduction of affordable, trendy e-book readers, e-books are eclipsing traditional paper books because of their convenience, cost-effectiveness and environmentally-friendly nature. Internet business program, Software Billions Club is showing their members how to ride this wave straight to the bank.

Traditionalists may maintain that e-books will never replace real paper and ink, but sales figures of e-book readers and digital content state otherwise.

This increase is partly due to the availability of affordable and highly mobile e-book readers, as well as digital readers and net-book computers. These products let you carry the equivalent of an entire library within the grasp of your hand, which basically solves the problem of storage that book lovers have grappled with for centuries.

Another advantage of e-books is that they are environmentally friendly, so people feel good about going paperless.

Finally, since it is far easier to publish e-books than regular ones, there are scores of niche titles only available in digital format. Similarly, you can sell e-books much more easily than real books, without having to set up a brick-and-mortar shop. This is where the Software Billions Club comes in…

When Chad Timothy set up the Software Billions Club, the e-book boom had not reached its current level. Amazon‘s recent record sales, of 1.8 e-books for every regular book was a long time away, but Timothy, then working for minimum wage, felt that digital books and content would be the next big wave. Determined to ride it, he set up Software Billions Club to sell e-books, software and other digital content, and what a ride it‘s taken him on!

Software Billions Club‘s success as an online content provider has made Timothy one of the poster boys of Internet business success. With a monthly income of around $50,000, many of us would stop there. Instead, Timothy decided to help others recreate his success by offering the same products and business system to Software Billions Club members.

Unlike many other Internet business programs, the Software Billions Club offers a huge amount of support for its members. Members automatically get an entire online bookstore all set up with eBook products and the sales pages that sell them.

Members can start selling eBooks and software immediately. In addition, we also discovered members have access to Internet business guide books, video tutorials,
one-on-one business coaching and many other exciting benefits.

Software Billions Club uses the same strategies and marketing methods that Timothy employed in his own business, with improvements and changes made over the years based on his experience of Internet business.

This support and information is what makes all the difference by showing members exactly how to sell their products and create traffic to their websites.

However, even with the best business system and member support, Internet businesses can fail if nobody wants to buy their products. Outdated and badly-written e-books on topics which do not generate buyer interest are, unfortunately, common to many of these programs.

The Software Billions Club program places great emphasis on having top-notch, highly marketable products, giving members an ever increasing range of items to sell. Its e-book titles include books on various aspects of e-business as well as many other general interest topics including pet care, health, cooking and personal finance.

With new products added each month, Software Billions Club will definitely continue to lead as an e-book and digital content provider, allowing members to achieve profits as well as their dreams of running a successful internet business.

The online sign up form is located here http://www.softwarebillionsclub.com/affiliate

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