Miami, FL - Plainly stated, iFeelTech is business IT simplified.  Often business owners are overwhelmed by all the detailed ins and outs of computer systems especially in the technology based society we live in.  That’s where this successful, Miami based, IT service company comes in.  "At iFeelTech we understand how important it is to have a thorough understanding of how a business operates and how we can accompany it."  says the owner of iFeelTech, Nandor Katai.  “We come alongside what a business owner is doing and we enhance it via support systems we tailor for their specific business needs.  It’s our job to make IT solutions and services simple.  The less complicated the better.”

Since 2003 iFeelTech’s team has been making effective plans for companies by identifying how they need to grow from an IT point of view.  They do that by taking the company’s set goals and business structures and putting them into a technology solution that will succeed in the marketplace.  The iFeelTech team is Apple and Microsoft certified and have amassed a comprehensive range of technological knowledge in which we offer the best solutions. Helping small business start ups and professional practices who are looking for an IT support partner to help them grow iFeelTech can remedy the frustrations clients feel when they’re quoted high costs for tailored support.  Business owners are typically frustrated when they find that IT support companies often offer the same generic services without taking the time to really find out about the client’s business and what its specific needs and challenges are.  This is not the case with iFeelTech.

iFeelTech offers full Mac and PC support - installing the latest software and troubleshooting any problem thereby securing the company’s efficiency.  Business Network Support and Cloud Support bringing home, office or mobile business into full cloud integration.  Data Protection, Regular Monitoring, Reporting and Security are also part of the service all at affordable prices.  The last thing business owners need to do is worry about IT systems when they need to be concentrating on running their business.

"We understand that it can be a bit intimidating trying to consider new methods of operation within a company, but we make the proper steps to create a seamless transition." adds Katai.

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Nandor Katai