For those who are avid walkers and get out and about around the United Kingdom and further into Europe, where else can be visited for those exhilarating heights and that feeling that fills the chest when standing at the top of the world and looking down? Simple: head to South America. A trek in Peru is the perfect way to re-gain this ecstatic feeling in a whole new world. 

Using companies that are known for and well-respected for organising a trek in Peru is the best way forwards. A Great Example of this is Rambler’s Worldwide Holidays who can sort out an itinerary that will have walkers hiking up into the mountains and seeing the six faces of Peru. From the start in Lima, the capital, walkers will head out to the Colca Canyon, where it feels like visitors have been taken back to a more simple time. Condors can be seen in the sky as walkers traverse the canyon and sail to Lake Titicaca’s floating islands. 

Though walking tires the legs, the eyes and senses perk up expectantly as the ancient temples of Cuzco come into view. For those who require a bit of a break from the miles hiked on the trek in Peru, a train journey to Machu Picchu takes walkers to the area around the Madre de Dios River rainforest. It is here that the walkers get to see one of the most strikingly different faces of Peru up close and personal. The Amazonian Rainforest breathes around the walkers as they hike straight into the heart of this exotic country. 

There are few better ways to book a trip to see the faces of Peru than to go through Rambler’s Worldwide Holidays. They are experts at organising journeys that will take walkers into the heart of Peru and leave them feeling fulfilled and exhilarated. 

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Rambler’s Worldwide Holidays has been providing avid walkers with itineraries for a trek in Peru and other places since 1946. To learn more about what the experts at Ramblers Worldwide can do for you, visit their website at . 

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