NORTH AMERICA - According to the report from IPC, especially in the PCB industry research and report in North American, which has released by IPC in this week, the actually data has shown that the manufacturing industry in North American has began the slow recovery and the growth will remain moderate in the coming months. But on the other hand, the industry of PCB manufacturing has not had the signal of recovery. Another report from the China PCB manufacturer, which name is RCY PCB, has shown that the PCB sales in February were less than the ideal data. But the data of some areas compared to the same period at last year has been increased by 10 percent.The PCB board manufacturer RCY PCB is the professional PCB factory in China. This company has had an amazing development over these years.

With the research and development in the past several years, the RCY PCB has specialized in the high quality and low cost PCB fabrication. They have also provided their products to other countries such as the India and America. Although the whole sales volume around the world has had the decreasing trend, the sales of the RCY PCB had also achieved some breakthroughs.Now, we will back to our topic. Unlike the strong growth in January of this year, the PCB fabrication market HAS suffered heavy losses in February.

The market research director of IPC has said that monthly data fluctuations are a normal phenomenon especially for the  PCB factory  market. On the other hand, the real trend could only be shown by the data of several months. The sales of the PCB factory in North American would be strengthened in the second half of 2013.

The Rigid orders for the copying  PCB fabrication  had the slightly increasing in February of this year. During the long period of decline in 2012, since January in 2013, the copying board for PCB manufacturing market has shown a positive trend especially in the market of China. The company RCY PCB is the typical example for this kind of situation. The data from the market research department of this company has shown that the order of them has had a great increasing in 2013.

For more information, you could browse the website . The is the official website for this China PCB manufacturer.The director of market research department in IPC has also said that the research data has shown that the recovery of the PCB industry would be very greatly in the future. So the investor of this industry should have the positive attitude. But there would be still some lag in the coming months. However, the result would meet your needs.

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