Manchester, NH — September 16, 2016 — Today, security threats are everywhere. Anyone can be a prey to fraudsters who are equipped with card skimming devices that can easily steal information from credit cards. The good news is that there are measures consumers can use to ward off these criminals.

The RFID blocking sleeves could save you from digital pickpockets. Fraudsters have been using cheap and easy-to-use credit card skimming devices, which work by reading card information even if the victim and thief are a few feet away from each other.

It is estimated that 70 percent of credit cards would soon be vulnerable to digital pickpockets. Credit card skimming devices are cheap, and they usually cost for about $50. They are also easy to use, and thieves do not have to attain specific technical knowledge to master the thievery.

With the use of these card skimming devices, thieves can easily steal credit card information without the victims knowing it. Individuals who usually go to crowded places such as subways are most susceptible to these criminals.

The RFID blocking sleeves take care of protecting consumers from a costly credit card disaster. Victims usually have to go through the hassles of cancelling their cards and clearing their names from the fraudulent transactions thieves engage in with the use of the stolen information.

These sleeves are extremely helpful to individuals who usually travel such as those who usually go to airports. Consumers can keep their valuable information safe regardless of how busy they are in going from one place to another.

Consumers do not have to be a techie to use these blocking sleeves. They can insert their IDs, credit and debit cards, passports, and other documents inside the sleeves. The sleeves will take care of blocking the signals from credit card skimming devices, and thus, prevent thieves from getting information.

The RFID blocking sleeves can also be placed inside a wallet. It is convenient to use, and individuals who want to increase their protection against fraudsters can easily equip their cards with it.

Many credit card holders are already relying on these RFID blocking sleeves to avoid being victimized by criminals. There are even those who feel secure knowing that the sleeves will take care of warding off criminals wherever they go.

The RFID blocking sleeves are available at In just a matter of clicks, consumers can easily travel through subways and airports, or shop without being anxious about becoming a credit card theft victim. (

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