China - Today, the editor from the famous cheap football boots online seller will help football fans review and recollect the classic Nike Mercurial R9 football boots which is one of the most famous football boots in the history of football sport. This classical football boot had been first designed for the legendary Brazilian football star Ronaldo in 1998¡¯s World Cup. On the other hand, this creation of Mercurial R9 football boot had virtually first developed the industry standard of the popular lightweight football boots today. However, even if people do not know the well known Mercurial R9 shoe, they need to know famous Brazilian football player Ronaldo. Now, let us review this classical football shoe.

During the football match season from 1999 to 2000, Ronaldo had worn this famous Nike football shoe to play football matched on behalf of Inter Milan. At past time, Ronaldo had also worn this famous shoe to take part in the historical World Cup in 1998 and the shoe he had worn in 1998 should be the first generation of Mercurial R9 which had been released by Nike. No matter what kinds of innovation would be added into this shoe, the original one should be the most classical one.

If people could carefully view the introduction of Mercurial R9 football shoe on Sports Direct Boots website, they could get the detailed information about that the upper appearance of this classical football shoe has applied one kind of high quality synthetic material which could effectively reduce the overall weight of the traditional Nike shoes. Furthermore, the side white striped lines of this classical Nike football boot should be designed to enhance the controlling performance of football player to the ball playing. In addition to the information before, the editor from Sports Direct Boots which is the name of the former website said that the upper of this shoe has also covered with one sort of special coating which would be conducive for the player¡¯s contacting feeling to ball.

Apart from the playing performance of this shoe, people could also pay relative attention to the outer appearance of this shoe. However, The Nike Mercurial R9 which had been made by Italian local producer should be lighter than all soccer shoes which had been released at same period of time. Furthermore, by the visual perception, the black, white and blue colors of this shoe make the appearance of this shoe become relative more low-key. The famous R9 Logo which is combined by blue and white colors is printed on the middle of heel bottom and shoe¡¯s tongue.

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