The Renovation
March 11-15 at 7.30 and 11p.m On Sahara One
Abhinav and Avni are happily married for the past 3 years and have recently quit their high profile jobs and opened a small interior decorating business called “Creating Homes”. Luck smiles on them when they receive a contract to renovate an old bungalow. A graceful Parsi gentleman Mr Irani in his late fifties, wants to renovate the place as a gift to his wife Persis for their 25th wedding anniversary.  He gives them the keys to the house so that they could reccee the place and give him a quote. Abhinav and Avni invite their close friends Kajal, Rishi, Veer and Preeti to tag along with them. It would be work and play that weekend for them. The group reaches the secluded and highly dilapidated bungalow on the hill top. After cleaning the place, Abhinav and Avni start their work while the others enjoy. As evening sets in they decide to go out for dinner but realize that Veer is missing. Assuming that he might have wandered into the woods everyone look around for him. Kajal feels that he is playing a prank which was his habit but when they find his dead body inside one of the rooms they are shocked out of their minds. They realize that their mobiles have lost signal and landline has gone dead and to further complicate the situation they are stuck in the house as all doors and windows are locked. Panic sets in as they start hearing some weird sounds and sees some shadows lurking. Everyone is afraid and assumes it as some gang who is targeting them or some psychopath on the loose who killed Veer. But that night Kajal also gets killed and by the time morning arrives the remaining four - Rishi, Preeti, Abhinav and Avni are completely battered and scared. They realized that it is an unseen evil force that is haunting them. But why was the question that they did not have an answer for.
Will the remaining survivors manage to flee the bungalow before another amongst them is killed or will the unseen evil force kill all of them?

For further information, please contact:
Atul Malikram