China - How long is the actually service life of the LED street lamp and lights? This should be a seriously problem for every people in daily. With the gradually development and increasing of the market for LED products, the industrial standard for the least service life has become the big problem which need to be solved. During recent years, the U.S. Energy Star has drafted the industrial standards for LED bulb and the most controversial point should refer to the minimum life requirement for LED products.

Some insiders from Yaham Light which is the best manufacturer for LED high bay have disclosed the generally considered service life of LED lamp is around in 100,000 hours but this theoretically number could be affected by many factors. Therefore, the commonly LED lifetime value and parameters should be around 30000-5 million hours in current in LED lighting industry. It is understood that the U.S. Energy Star may reduce the service life of the consumption LED products from the 25,000 hours to the minimum 10,000 hours. As calculated in accordance with the use of 3 hours per day, 10,000 hours LED lamp can be used by normal consumer for about nine years or more. Of course, companies can also mark their products service life to 25,000 hours or more. People could easy find that on website which is the official website for the most professional LED light producer in China.

However, the 9-year service time is already enough for the normal LED high bay lighting household applications. For some places where need the long time lighting at every day such as the hotel, subway station and school, people can use some of the long life LED industrial lights and LED panel lights. This phenomenon indicate that the Energy Star longer simply regulate the detailed service life but only formulate the minimum using life requirements for the LED product. People can choose different LED high bay fixture according to demand of different place.

The industry experts from Yaham Light have pointed out that the standard definition of the service life for incandescent lamp is about 1000 hours but the long service life products have already occupied civilian home lighting market. However, the the most important reason for the popular of the long using life incandescent lamp should be their price advantage. Although the LED lighting products have the long life advantages, the high price of this product could only let consumers stay away.

Therefore, there is no need for the LED lamps manufacturer to pursuit the too much longer using life because the longer the using life of the LED lighting product the higher price of it. The best solution from the high quality LED lighting lamb manufacturer is that the LED manufacturer needs to accelerate product updates and promotion and effectively reduce costs. After this, the price of the LED products should have large decreasing and the LED product such as LED streets light could rapidly occupy the home lighting market


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