12, March 2016: Speaking of the good places in March in Europe, it should be the Leine lakeside Hannover. This beautiful city has many amazing scenery. Besides, CeBIT 2016 will be hold in Hannover from 14th March to 18th March. While for the industry of electric scooters, Airwheel Technology, an international enterprise, will also showcase its humanized, safe and practical products to all the consumers in booth No. Hall17-H06.


People who pay close attention to Airwheel know that Airwheel has many series of self-balancing scooters. For S series, the saddle-equipped electric scooter S6 is the latest one and the most outstanding one. S6 is also the humanized electric scooter, and we can draw this conclusion from the following points:

Start from the gyroscope, S6 sitting posture self-balancing scooter that alters the two gyroscopes into three and four gyroscopes so the balancing is much easier to control and it is also easier to learn. Due to the increased gyroscopes, S6 adds the body control operating arm except the leg control rod. The free change between sitting and standing posture during riding gives users a flexible riding experience. Meanwhile the operating arm of S6 can be adjusted according to the different needs of riders. Riders can adjust it to the height that they feel is the most comfortable through lowering or lifting.


Next is the endurance. The imported lithium battery can be charged circularly for 1800 times, which is 3.8 times of common lithium battery in terms of service time. Besides, the cores and battery protection boards of this electric motor are all double. In case one of them is unable to work, the other one can operate normally.

Thirdly the mini self-balancing scooter only weighs 14kg. Compared with traditional two wheels scooters, S6 is the lighter one. This means that there is nothing to worry for placing it. Although it is small, it can reach up to 17km/h and load maximum 100kg.

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