China — Without the help of filling machine, people could not drink the cool coca cola in hot summer. The bottle filling machine is the necessary equipment for each beverage factory because this machine could highly enhance the working efficiency of the drinking factory. Today, most of the filling machines are the automated structure and people do not need to concern about the operation of the machine. However, as the high working efficiency of the automated water filling machine, it would be easy to be dirty and have problems after such period of operating. Today, the most famous manufacturer for sealing machine and filling machine ( www ) would teach the filling machine operator about how to use and maintain the bottle filler.

Because the filling machine is always the automatic machine so the puller bottles, bottle pad and the size of the bottle need to have united requires. The incorrect size of object would cause into the huge damage of the filling machine. Before the starting of the filling machine, people must turn the handle to see whether there is anything abnormal and the informal rotation. If there is indeed some problem for the machine rotation, people need to first check and repair the machine

If people want to adjust the machine, the properly tool need to be used in the adjusting process. The large bottle filling machine tools or excessive force to dismantle parts should be avoided because these wrong actions would damage or affect the performance of the water filling machine. After adjustment of the machine, people must be sure to tighten the screws which have been loosed. After these steps, people should start the machine by shaking the handle and look after whether its action meets the requirements.

The bottle filling machine must be kept clean. The commonly dirty such as oil, liquid or glass debris need to be carefully cleaned. This could help people avoid wear and tear to the machine. In the production of the water filling machines, people should timely removal of liquid or glass debris. Before the operator shift, the bottle filler machine¡¯s surface should be cleaned once and all sectors need to be added some clean lubricated oil. The wholly cleaning for bottle filler need to be done once at each week. People should particularly pay more attention to the cleaning for some parts which are easy to be ignored.

The disinfection and flushing is also very crucial for the water filling machine. The dirty machine would easily affect the cleaning of water and other kinds of drinking into the bottle and then it would influence people¡¯s body health. In that case, the disinfection for water filling machine is necessary. People should first unscrew the lower setting screws and remove the liquid injection system for overall disinfection.

People should care more about all above factors which refer to the carefully checking before the normal operation, applying the correct tools for machine adjustment, regularly cleaning for machine surface and the total disinfection and flushing for the inner parts of the water filling machine.

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