Shanghai - Today, the will give some advices to the pregnant women for the important points about the daily diet they should pay more attention. As we all know, the pregnant women need to absorb into adequate intake of quality protein such as the chicken, duck, fish, lean meat to help with the fetal development. The Chicken, duck and other meat have the nutritious and delicious they need. The dish with this kind of meat has won the favorite of expectant mothers. Recently, the H7N9 virus has made people be afraid about the chickens and ducks. So the website has recommended that moms should minimize the contact with the poultry such as chicken, duck, pigeon meat and other foods.The website is the professional article website for the information which is to teach you cooking the delicious food such as the lovely apple crumble and the flapjacks. If you want to learn how to prepare the delicious food such as the organic food, holiday snacks, wine and much more, you could browse their website

The expert from the  how to supplements  has said that in order to ensure the need for protein in the development of the baby into your belly, the pregnant women can eat fish, shrimp and other protein-rich foods instead of the chicken and duck. The expert has also pointed out that protein from fish is huge and good quality and the digestion and absorption rate of our human would up 96 percent. On the other hand, protein from fish is the good supply source for the essential amino acids, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin D.

So it is very suitable for pregnant women to eating them. In addition, the pregnant women should also absorb a certain amount of intake of vegetable protein such as beans, soy products which would do help to the development of your baby. The vegetable protein could also help to maintain the body's metabolism and the health of teeth and bones.The Pregnant women are the special group whose resistance to disease is relatively weak. Therefore, they need special care in the prevention of the strain of bird flu.

During this period of time, there are some of the considerations from the  how to food  .com for the pregnant mother. First, the mother should minimize the contact with the poultry and keep away from the secretions of poultry and hands frequently. Second, the mother should have the balanced nutrition and eat more garlic, mushrooms, tomato and some food which could help them enhance immunity of their body.

Thirdly, they should eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are rich in the vitamin c. On the other hand, they could enhance the physical activity and ensure adequate sleep and rest to enhance the resistance with disease. And then, developing for good personal hygiene habits is also very important.

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