is a website dedicated to discuss all Ninja Trader indicators and trading platform questions. This program itself is a trading platform developed for active traders interested in the stock, future and forex markets.

If you are in a trading business you know that the expression “trend is your friend” holds true in most of the cases and allows you to make successful trades based on your intuition and market developments. There are dozens of strategies and systems that aim to assist you with the trend recognition using technical analysis, patterns, and data and in general, they are useful tools to have; however, unfortunately, most of them lack the reliability that you would expect or want when you are dealing with money. It is quite frequent that the arrow based MT4 indicators that these programs place to predict trend reversal often disappear or change location, in other words they repaint. For a trader, focusing on activities on the market that is damaging. In order to avoid making bad calls, you need to find a program that does not plant false flags and indicators on your charts. In order to avoid such development, you have to look for a program that offers unparalleled reliability.

That is where Ninja Trader comes into play. How is it different from the others you might ask. Well, this program has following features such as advanced charting, market analytics, automated strategy development, back testing, optimization and trade simulators. If you desire to use this program in order to execute live trades through a brokerage account, then you may either purchase a lifetime license or lease the platform on a quarterly or annual basis. Ninja Trader was established in 2004 and till present days develops high-performance trading software and market data services. They have recently introduced brokerage services to directly support futures and forex traders. All this can be discussed on the forum mentioned above. Topics like elite Ninja Trader automated trading, why do you use Ninja Trader, webinars, sharing files and downloads and many other useful information can be found here. This is an elite club that you have a possibility to join. With right guidance you can become a millionaire within couple of months if using everything correctly and grasping all information that is out there available for you.

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