“The person Panchi is crazy about, that chap is extremely useless!”

On 31st July, Star Utsav is going to launch a fun and entertaining rom-com show called ‘Mera Nikhattu'. This show is a romantic love-comedy and is based on Titu and Panchi's chemistry. This show will not involve  any "Saas-bahu" drama infact you will get to see a new form of show where every character has its own importance.

In this show, Titu is a very useless, lazy person who doesn't like to work at all and he spends his time having fun, talking big and lazing aroung to the extenet of making other people do his work. But Titu has  an extremely good sense of humor and he can influence anyone with his choice of words.

On the other hand. Panchi's character is like a film heroine who lives in her own imaginary world and wants  everthing in her life to be perfect. She also strongly believes she will encounter the prince of her dreams in a filmy fashion, who is one in a million and would be completely different from the rest of the world.

Watch two different types of personalities emerge into one love story, which is ready to win all your hearts. 'Mera Nikhattu' stars on 31st July, every night at 8pm only on Star Utsav.