The Permanent Truth of Temporary World

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When we see our problem it seems to be very hard to solve, but we are able to give many solutions when problems are of others. This happens because we immediately change our perception, our way of vision got another angle. In Life, if we are able to do the same with our problem then there is a possibility that we can get the solution to our every problem. As there is a famous saying that ‘Every problem has a solution’. There are many people out there who want to get success in life and finding the short ways to get their goal but they don’t know the fact that behind every success story has struggle and hard work which have made the normal story into a success story. Many people curse their situation for their failure but situation will always be unfamiliar for everyone, lack of effort will result in regret in life

Atul Malikram said ‘motivational is nowhere else but always found inside us, and it played a major key role to change the aspects of our life’. One can reach from Zero to Zenith’ from this powerful energy floating inside our body. Just as to reach 1000th stairs we have to make our start with the first stair, in life also to move out of your comfort zone and have to make the first step towards our goal.

So what one must do to live a successful life? Here are some steps which can be game-changing steps to live a life what others have always dream of. The very focus on our goal will make other things according to our will, as focusing always been the key point; we all are well known about the story of Arjun who have a focus on an eye of a bird, which able to make help him to achieve his goal. This habit creates magic in everyone’s life. While focusing all our energy we get the straight path to move in the same direction. So Focus, Focus, and more focus on your goal, the goal will ultimately get attracts on you and will find you achieve you.

Embrace discomfort

To move out of your comfort zone is the second step which will decide your faith towards the goal, many don’t dare to move out from the comfort zone and find themselves in the list of ordinary people in the last. Comfort zone always make us believe that this is what we can deserve but the reality is that everyone can achieve more and more, just they had to be daring.

By this here we mean not only taking care of yourself mentally but also physically many times not taking care of your body lead to be incompletion of your work. Your motivational level and your physical ability should be equal and goal can be achieved by maintaining your proper health. Atul Malikram said In Healthy mind lives a Healthy Body’ so from these old saying we can conclude easily that to make things possible we should care ourbody according to our goal’.

These may be the common steps and being heard many times from different sources but the most important things are the execution of the steps. One who dares to follow these steps can achieve more heights in life. Before Achieving we have to believe and Before Believing we have to Conceive.