Over the years, Whatsapp free download has gained immense popularity, worldwide. With the invention of smartphones and android mobiles, people feel the need to be in contact 24/7. There was a time when you used to sent text messages like SMS from normal mobile phones, after that there was a time for GPRS and 2G network where you can use the internet to send important mails or texts. And now is the era of 4G and wifi, and whenever people buys a new smartphone, the first thing that comes to their mind is to download Whatsapp.

This popular app can be used to send messages to all your contacts at free of cost. The messages can be of various forms, like images, videos and movies and now the best thing is that you can also avail the call facility. Whatsapp calling is quite in vogue nowadays as it not only makes calling easier but also ensures you get a super quality experience. There are various websites from where you can easily download this app easily. So if you are looking towards downloading this app for your phone, you should do it right now!

The first year of Whatsapp service is absolutely free and unlimited. Whatsapp pay was introduced at the beginning and after a year of free subscription, you will be asked to pay $1 dollar or 0.75 euro as a subscription fee. You can make this payment through credit card, PayPal or iTunes account. No doubt, this charge is extremely lower as compared to normal SMS charges. But over time, Whatsapp has turned out to be absolutely free and their terms and conditions do not involve any subscription fee or expense.

Like any other download apps, Whatsapp can be easily downloaded from Google Playstore or iPhone app market. There are various ways to download this app in Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian devices. The operating systems are different in each of these devices and therefore the methods of downloading also vary widely. By going to the apps store, you can search for this particular app and click on the download button to get it installed your mobile.

Whatsapp free download is available for both iPad and PC. By downloading it on your PC, you get better visibility as the screen is huge and you can also easily type, owing to the large keypad area. However, you must keep in mind that only one phone number can be registered for a Whatsapp account. With technological advancement, this app is not only an app anymore. With it, you can explore a variety of new things. The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has purchased Whatsapp and after the acquisition, Whatsapp is on the move of revamping and modification. For more information, you can easily log into the website of Whatsapp and get more information.

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