Cream is the most preferred ingredient in desserts. Making fresh whipped cream is time-consuming and laborious. Ready made cream is of unreliable quality. The arrival of cream chargers and whipped cream chargers is a boon to homemakers all over. Delicious cream dishes can now be conjured up at home without the hectic whisking.

Every smart mom wants to serve her family with the best of fare. After every sumptuous meal a great dessert is always something someone looks forward too expectantly. Desserts have always been the sinful craving of every person, especially when served with chilled fresh cream, topped with dollops of flavored syrup! The dishes one can conjure up with whipped cream, which is always the essential ingredient, is endless. Many people use ready-made cream, but the smart mom knows that’s no match for homemade or fresh cream. The one major irritant here is that you have to leave the guests alone to tend to the vigorous whisking and beating and whipping of the fresh cream. Not to fret anymore. Here comes the role of the cream chargers.

What are these and how do they work?

Nowadays Chefs use them to save time and labor in whipping the cream as the recipe demands. Chefs don’t have that monopoly anymore. Moms at home also now have the trick to whisk out of the way the tiring chore of whipping the cream to perfection. Time and effort cut back, mom can now enjoy more time with family and guests.

Whipped cream chargers are little metal canisters 2.5 inches long, 0.7 inches wide and 2mm thick, filled with about 8 grams of nitrous oxide gas (N2O), commonly called laughing gas. This gas seeps into the cream to create an emulsion without altering the nature of the cream. N2O gas is also proven to be food safe. Known also as whippets, cream chargers have become indispensable in the food industry because of the time and effort saving feature and because they create a quality cream. They have also lately become very useful and popular with homemakers all over. With growing popularity, brands have also mushroomed; some expensive, some not so expensive but mostly equally good. The customer has a wide choice.

How to use these chargers?

A whipped cream dispenser, an inexpensive but essential device, is required for this. Just pour the cream into the dispenser along with the desired quantities of sugar and flavors, attach the N2O cream or whipped cream charger unit in the bracket inside, close the lid. Vigorously shake the dispenser for 3-4 minutes. The N2O gas then escapes through the pop-out nozzle and mixes with the cream and, voila! Whipped cream is ready. Dispensing is no sweat too. The dispenser has a convenient nozzle for that.

Now what stops you from getting whipped cream dispensers and chargers? With these you can make your own whipped cream, your kind of flavor too right at home! To eat to your heart’s content. And those tiny canisters don’t cost the earth. With a shelf life of 12 months and average cost of a $15 a dozen they are a steal. They are earth friendly too — canisters are recyclable.

With cream chargers you are free from running to the grocer’s every time your family wants a cream dish. Say goodbye to market cream too, make your very own fresh cream at home. Use this versatile stuff to create nutritious cream delicacies!

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