Cupertino, CA — Companies that use CRM software face a set of constantly changing circumstances. They need to be able to adjust their system to match the specific needs of the company, but doing so can be very expensive, especially if the CRM software solutions that they use do not allow for the inclusion of modular extensions. At SugarCRM companies have the freedom to use the modules that they need and customize their CRM software to do whatever the company needs it to do. With the launch of Sugar 7.0, customers will find new and improved modules at SugarForge.

Having a dedicated partner who understands the way that the software works and how to design modules for that software is extremely important, and SugarForge is the place to go for modules for Sugar products. Here customers will find add-ons that change and adapt the functions of Sugar to tailor them to the company’s specific needs. For instance, a company that has had trouble getting employees to adopt the use of Sugar can install the Log In History module, and track when and from where each user logged into the system. This gives managers and business owners more information to ensure that the CRM software is being used at all times. The addition of a reimbursement module will decrease the amount of time that it takes for employees to get reimbursed for company related expenses and streamline the process of reimbursement across the business. Companies that are using Sugar for the first time should consult with their Sugar sales person and find out which modules might be best for their system.

The wide selection of modules for Sugar 7.0 continues to grow, and businesses in all industries and of all sizes will be able to find some kind of custom module that will enhance their Sugar experience. The use of modules with CRM software solutions makes the entire CRM system stronger and helps to drive sales and increase profits. SugarCRM’s open source policy and the availability of modules set Sugar apart from other CRM software solutions and make it the CRM software of choice for every business.

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