LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, July 25, 2016 — A pimp, A prostitute and their abandoned child... The Ninety Ninth Night: A Journey of Faith, Humility and Determination by TC Franklin is the TRUE and inspiring story of how a small town boy grows up to get a journalism job at the White House.

This is a heartwarming and inspirational story of one man’s journey from being given up for adoption 30 days after his birth; adopted 5 months later on Valentine’s Day; raised and nurtured by his real parents, the Calhouns; his struggles and journey to self-transformation and his ultimate truth.

“Written with swift alacrity and humor, The Ninety Ninth Night is an endearing story with the humblest of beginnings which exquisitely demonstrates how one moment of divergence in life can impact all that is to come...  TC Franklin is an articulate, sincere and deeply moving writer, a soulful and insightful philosopher, and a beacon of courage, humility, and strength. Reading The Ninety Ninth Night is like unwrapping a gift, as each new chapter reveals a journey of transformation and enlightenment that will move and inspire you to change your life.” ~ Louise Linton, Actress and Producer

In 1985, TC received his B.A. in Journalism. He rose to prominence from his first job as a tour guide for CNN, in the late 80's, on to his first on-air TV job, as general assignment news reporter in Chattanooga Tennessee. Within six years TC, powered his way through several major TV news markets including Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago and New York. He eventually brokered a four year deal and landed his dream job as a national TV news correspondent in Washington D.C. reporting "LIVE" from the White House, Supreme Court and Capitol Hill.

A Press Room regular during the Clinton Administration, TC is an Emmy-Nominated Journalist for his news reports on national and international stories. TC is also an author, philosopher, writer, actor, director, filmmaker, and videographer.

He is the owner of TC Photography, geared for celebrity, fashion, fitness shoots and his passions: Cruising Classic VW Beetles and Harley Davidson motorcycles. He also owns Blue Ribbon Productions, geared towards feature films and commercials.

His mission in life is to remain diligent in his pursuit of excellence, be it stage play story-telling, written or visual media ALL done with truth, consciousness and purpose. TC Franklin is available for interviews.

The Ninety Ninth Night is available on Amazon.com.

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