UK - Most of football players and fans should like the Adidas famous football boots Adizero F50. According to the former selling record, the famous online site ( ) for Football Boots Sale has already sold the Adizero F50 football boots with two bright colors. Today, there is the news from Adidas official that the new color Adizero F50 has been released. Now, let us fully share with this news.

After the publishing of former Adizero F50 football boots which appearance¡¯s color had been integrated by two bright colors, Adidas has determined to release their new type of Adizero F50 which would has the appearance of the traditional white. This new Adidas white F50 football boots will integrate into the more technical innovation than ever. The designation of this type of football shoe is fresh and the weight is very light. The weight is only 150 grams for single shoe. Compared to the former shoes¡¯ weight, this white shoe should be the lightest F50 from now on. Furthermore, the overall appearance of this football boots is very simplicity and comfortable.

¡°The pure black or pure white F50 football boots sale is always able to be preferred by most of the Football Boots Sale traditional football shoe lovers on the market. The newly white F50 has the minimalist design coupled with cutting-edge technology which would let this shoe beome the favorite shoe for those who love light weight and not want to be too blatantly on the pitch.¡± MS Wang who is the editor of football boots online seller said. Now, this white shoe is also the hot selling product on this website. If people have a look at the picture of this white F50 on the official site of this online store, they could find that the white leather uppers of this shoe have been combined with the light green details and lines.

By the carefully checking, the white F50 lovers will get the new information that Adidas has applied their mature and advanced Taurus fabric on this ultra-lightweight artificial leather football boots. The Taurus fabric is characterized by extremely soft feeling. It could not only let the football players have comfortable wearing feeling but also provide excellent ball feeling in the playing process. On the other hand, this material also has strong durability. Of course, it would be very suitable for scraping intense environment in the football playing.

In a word, the price of this newly white F50 shoe is not expensive. If people want to wear this shoe to experience the comfortable feeling on the playing ground, please visit website


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