China — The protection for smart phone should be the concerned point for consumers and business. The security of smart phone is not just information and data security but also the physical security of the smart phone is also very important. For example, the Runbo attaches great importance to the environment resistance of their smart phone products such as their waterproof smart phone. Most of Runbo phone are supported by a variety of dust and waterproof design. However, these special designs often require consumers to spend more money.

Today, the famous online seller ( www ) for low price waterproof android smart phone has released the news about one new technology, which is to reach the waterproof function by reducing the liquid residence time on the surface of the object and this newly technologies can be applied on the smart phone in people’s daily life.

The technology is not using any special waterproof material but the applying of the waterproof smartphone physical characteristics of the liquid. The principle is that the surface of material would be produced into small protrusions which are hard to be seen by people and the height of each protrusion is only 0.1mm. When the liquid drop or come into contact with the surface, the water drop would be fragmented into many small droplets because of these small protrusions and scattering at higher speeds and bounce. According to the introduction from person who was in charge of this technology, this new technology could reduce more than 37 percent of water residence time on material surface than that of the traditional waterproof material.

If this new technology could be applied onto the waterproof mobile phone, it will probably be applied onto the part which near the edge of the carapace or where there are gaps. The waterproof smart phone’s high water resistance ability will not just rely on the phone’s materials and interior design but also use the physical properties of the liquid to effectively enhance the waterproof capability. Of course, considering the various factors, the application of this technology on the phone will really take a very long time. However, these should be the good news for people who prefer to the high rugged waterproof phone.

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