Paris - It has been reported that t he commodity prices at the LV Mainland counter has only been adjusted once in July 2011 before the current round of global LV the price adjustment. In October 2012, there have been price increasing of the LV goods in the European market. But, at that period of time, the mainland China market of the LV women bags and LV leather belts did not follow the price increase. The Analysis from the website of this industry has said that the Europe market for the LV women bags has twice price increasing in five months.

From the survey from the website the Mainland market has only adjusted the price for once. Nowadays, every woman wants to buy one pair of the LV handbags outlet discount. But the price at the real shop is too experience to afford it. So there are more and more online shops for LV women bags have been established. The Lvgoldsale is the excellent one among all of the LV online sellers.

The price of LV bag has been increased. It has been found by many luxury buyers that the price for the LV women bags and LV leather belts in part of the mall is quietly raised. In Japan, France and other places overseas, the purchasing sellers have told us that the price increasing rate of the LV overseas store is about 5 percent to 12 percent. In addition to LV, other luxury brands are all have price adjustment in the beginning of the year.

The price rising of domestic and foreign has significantly difference. On the other hand, the online sellers for the LV handbags outlet discount have become more and more popular. The website is the typical example for this.As many of the consumers said, the price of the LV bag has become more expensive than before which is about several hundred RMB. Some time ago, some consumers have bought themselves the speedy 30 bag of LV which the price was 6100 RMB, while the price tag for the counter yesterday has been changed to 6350 RMB. At the morning of 19, the LV enterprise has announced the global unified price adjustment for the LV store around the world.

In Paris, the commodity price of the LV women bags  has increased within the range of 5 percent to 10 percent. The price increasing in Japan LV store is about 12 percent.

The customer service of online seller has said that the prices rising for the LV handbags discount  is significantly smaller than the rest of the world in current round of price adjustment for LV women bags and LV leather belts. For example, the LV women bags’ current price is 6350 RMB which rising rate is about 3.9 percent. In France, the price of this package is up about 9 percent.

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