There's a new sketch series, Holy SHIT! HOLY SHIT, is a series of sketches some featuring one pretty cool visual effect and all including a story so simple and funny, you have to say, HOLY SHIT." Join the Hollywood Redux crew on their journey to create surprise, shock and awe. Well, no promises. Just sit back, watch and enjoy!

You can find all of Hollywood Redux's shorts on their website, however, they are all available on YouTube as well. Hollywood Redux also features their comedy podcast, The Writers' Room, which takes the listener behind the scenes of current entertainment culture in a lively discussion with four sloshed professionals. Hollywood Redux also operates and investigates The K Files, a podcast featuring guest who view and discuss new and old episode of one of the best shows on Television, The X Files.

Hollywood Redux is an all web-based platform for telling the stories we want to tell through a variety of content including short films, sketches and podcasts. We love movies, we love challenges. We are independent filmmakers and entertainment professionals grappling with low budget filmmaking in a digital landscape. Join us, won? you? We strive to create content on a variety of platforms including independently produced podcasts, short films and sketches from a team of entertainment professionals.

Media Contact
Company Name: Hollywood Redux
Contact Person: Michael Hesser
Email: [email protected]    
City: Hollywood
State: CA
Country: United States