Germany - Recently, Adidas has already launched a new generation of Football Boots 2013/2014 which name is adizerof50. The new design of adizerof50 is aimed to allow players have the most speed attacking on the football playing ground. In that case, all of the design of details of this kind of Football Boots 2013/2014 has already focused on this philosophy. The weight of the latest adizerof50 is just 165 grams which is currently one of the lightest soccer shoes in the market. The colorful combination of colors such as yellow, black and green could allow players chase the pursuit of speed and fully attract the public's attention. The majority of football fans worldwide would witness the style of new adizerof50.

The website has said that the new adizerof50 has already integrated revolutionary technology and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. This kind of Football Boots 2013/2014 should be the continuation of the success of f50 series shoes. This kind of shoes have applied the Sprintskin material which is one kind of 1.5 mm thickness synthetic material which could ensure the lightness and natural contact feeling of the playing process of football players.

On the other hand, the Sprintweb is one kind of 3D printing pattern of shoe¡¯s upper surface. This kind of Football Boots 2014 pattern could help players control the football better and better in the case of the high speed moving on the playing ground. The insider of this kind of Football Boots 2013/2014 has applied the material which name is Sprintframe which is the strong and lightweight materials. This kind of material could bring players with the perfect balance.

In addition, the technology which name is adidasmiCoach has also been applied to the design of this kind of new Football Boots 2013/2014. This kind of technology could help the players chase the most quickly speed. The miCoach technology could help people record and analyze the personal sports date. This data could be compared with the world's top football players or through the Internet to share with friends. On the other hand, this kind of Football Boots 2013/2014 has also been installed with the miCoachSpeedcell groove. When it has been installed with the miCoachSpeed cell, it can record the maximum speed, running distance, range and other data.

Nowadays, most of the famous football players such as Alves, Benzema, Silva and David adidas Nitrocharge Villa will wear this kind of football boots to enjoy their exciting football match. However, if people want to have more information about this new published football shoes, they could browse the website which is the best online seller for all kind of football boots 2013/2014.

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