29, February 2016: Bruce thinks Airwheel has been pursuing the minimalist design. The streamlined and sleek profile design of Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter bears a strong testament to this design idea. This time, Airwheel repeats the same design idea in Airwheel electric skateboard M3. Airwheel M3 was released last year.


This model has been gaining the global visibility across the globe. Bruce considers it as a success. Firstly, Airwheel M3 can reach as much as 20 km/h. The speed is higher than other models made by Airwheel. That can be said that Airwheel M3 is at the height of the speed of Airwheel products. It is seen as the ultimate in the speed. Besides, the bodywork weighs merely 11.55 kg. The light weight enhances the top speed of Airwheel M3 and the accelerating speed.

The minimalist design is presented through the exterior design. Airwheel equips Airwheel electric scooter M3 with nothing redundant detailing. The battery is mounted below the board. It never gives the impression that it looks clumsy. The potent battery group offers a long range and the top speed. The high speed of 20 km/h is from this battery group. Additionally, Airwheel adds the wireless connection device to M3. The rider can control Airwheel M3 via the remote controller. Bruce tried the remote controller, through which he could adjust the top speed. The wireless connection can penetrate the wall. Even though the rider is ten metres away from M3, he can still control the Airwheel M3 via the remote controller.


The design of Airwheel M3 lies in minimalism based on the tradition. Airwheel M3 looks the traditional skateboard. It learns from the traditional skateboard. The traditional skateboard is patent of the youngsters. It can take them back to their childhood. Just because the traditional skateboard can be reminiscent of the past and childhood, Airwheel retains the traditional exterior in Airwheel M3. The electric self-balancing scooter M3 feels nostalgic.

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