Chongqing - After the downturn experience of the impact of the financial crisis, the market of the tour from Taiwan to the Three Gorges market has heated up this year. Frankly speaking, the number of the Yangtze cruises tourists from Taiwan Island is expected to break a million again. The Yangtze River cruise is the famous tourism project of the visiting in the Three Gorges Dam area. The expert from the YATOUR Co., Ltd which is the extraordinary reputation Yangtze river cruises agent in China. They could provide you with the Victoria cruises, President Cruise, Yangtze gold cruise and other services.

Their website is .After the more than 20 travel agents has completed their study for the tourism sites in Three Gorges Dam, the responsible person of these travel agents have arrived in Wuhan in the evening of the 17th and they have signed a cooperation agreement with the tourism company such as the Yangtze River cruises agent for the Three Gorges tour. They would jointly launch the new gorgeous Three Gorges tourism in Taiwan.According to the interview with the general manager of the YATOUR Co., Ltd that of the company has committed to promote the Three Gorges ship tourism products in the island since the 1990s.

Although the direct cross-strait in 2008 has driven up the tourism market, there are obstacles on the direct flights from Wuhan and Chongqing to Taiwan and plus the impact of the financial crisis. The market of tourism from Taiwan to the Three Gorges has been hovering in the low point.Over the development of recent years, there are many favorable factors of the tourism market from Taiwan to the Three Gorges in the past two years. With the continued stability and improvement of cross-strait relations, Hubei Province and Chongqing Municipality have to increase the communication and coordination with the tourism sector in Taiwan.

The infrastructure of the Three Gorges tourism market has been gradually got better and better. The development and warming up of the industry for yangtze river cruise is a good example. The improvement of the surrounding traffic environment of the Three Gorges has made tourism from Taiwan to Three Gorges become gradually warming up. Some people have predicted that the number of Taiwan people who will take the Three Gorges cruise such as the Yangtze gold cruise this year will once again break through the 10,000.

With sustainable releasing of the cross-strait relations from the new mainland government, the boss and employees of the YATOUR Co., Ltd are confident that in the next few years the business of touring for the three gorges tour would expand to a large scope. In a word, it will become more and more profitable in the future.

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