China - In today¡¯s Luxury handbag market, the phenomenon of high price products without the excellent corresponding after sale service is very commonly. Recently, the related news from website , which is the best online distributer for Prada Saffiano bags, could show with people this confused phenomenon in the luxury goods market.

MS Lee had purchased one Prada Saffiano bag from one online shop but she met with many boring matters for bag repairing. She said:¡± The price for repairing of my lovely Prada bag is too high and the waiting time for repairing is usually about few months. However, the after-sales service for the genuine shop is really difficult to be accepted.¡± Sought for the Prada for several years, she only found that the high price luxury bags do not have the equivalent after-sale service.

Many online shop for luxury bag have the commonly situations of long time for maintenance and the unacceptable high price for maintenance. These commonly problems have been long term afflicted the consumers who like the luxury products such as Prada bags around the world. The bad after-sale service could directly affect their consumers¡¯ loyalty.

The industry experts from said." The bad after-sale service will prada bags uk largely affect consumer confidence and loyalty to the brand itself. Our website has invested large amount of time and money for the establishment of the well build consumer service system. From our consumers¡¯ reviews and comments, the effect of our action is very great and we have already attracted many more related consumers. So, I suggest other shops for Prada bags should pay more attention to this point in the operating process. "

In fact, the bad after-sale service for the luxury commodities has also led to the booming of the leather care shops in the market. The industry Insiders has said that many stores for leather products caring have entered into the market of luxury goods such as Prada bags and their price list for maintenance and repairing is very high. This situation has also decreased the consumers¡¯ patient and convenience for brand.

From the service price list of these Luxury leather caring shop, people could have directly feeling about the high price of these shops. For example, the cleaning fee for the luxury Prada Saffiano bag is more than 90 dollars. No one could offer such high price servicing fee.

The best solution for people who want to purchase the Prada bags with the high grade after-sale service is the selection for one seller with high responsibility. The Prada bag online seller should be people¡¯s best choice.


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