29, February 2016: Last year, Airwheel pushed out Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S6. This model is touted as the epoch-making and revolutionary one. Airwheel S6 ushered in the sit-on and stand-on model, so it is considered as epoch-making. Airwheel S6 integrates the sit-on mode of ride with the stand-on mode of ride.


Amos comments on S6 on a high level. He guesses that Airwheel S6 follows the design of Airwheel A3 which is another sit-on model in Airwheel. The sit-on mode offers a comfortable ride. Even if the rider covers a long distance, there is still no need for him to worry about the fatigue caused by the long trip. What S6 differs from Airwheel A3 lies in its integration of sit-on and stand-on mode of ride.

Another thing is its foldable shaft. Amos previously made endless complaints that his Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3 cannot be put into the boot of his private car. This time, Airwheel adjust the design, dispensing with the design of shaft and adding the adjustable saddle. Without the shaft and with the adjustable saddle, Airwheel S6 can be put into the boot completely. The shaft is left out so that the rider will get a better view to enjoy the surrounding beautiful scenery.


Amos likes the outdoors very much. Almost every weekend, he goes for a long journey as the outdoors. He usually drives to the destination and after he arrives the destination, he takes out his Airwheel S6 from his boot. He rides it around the destination, breathes the fresh air and admires the rosy scenery. He could stand on the Airwheel S6 as he rides for seeing the long distance. Once he feels a bit tired, he could turn to the saddle of Airwheel electric scooter S6. The saddle will give him a comfy ride. He still can steer S6 as he sees the amazing scenery.

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