The journey from Laajo to Trishna


In Ravi Ojha's popular show 'Gustakh Dil', broadcasted on Star Utsav, viewers have made a connection to Nikhil and Laajo's chemistry. They have formed an emotional connection with the show.

Laajo is an extremely self-respecting girl living in her small town. She never lies and has always thought  about the happiness of her loved ones. Laajo is ahead in everything that she does then why does the world still laugh at Laajo??

If a girl wears a saree and her behavior isn't "modern", does her thinking change? Despite all the taunts and mockery, Laajo won everyone's hearts through her unique style. Nikhil also started falling in love with her. When Nikhil goes to Laajo's town to take her home, she turns him down by stating that she will only enter his house when she has made something of herself by reading and writing and shown that she is worthy of Nikhil's family.

Laajo loves Nikhil so much that she gathers whatever strength and courage she can muster and begins her journey to  make her dreams come true. In order to do this, she has to face a lot of difficulties like convincing her parents to move in the city and taking tuition classes to attend to all the required expenses. And it is not that easy for a girl from a small town to achieve all this. But Laajo is a girl with a lot courage and she does all of this without any hesitation.

Sagar Khurana is that kind of a person who extracts hidden talents within girls and gives them a new shape and a personality. His aim was to transform Laajo into a modern girl and Laajo would do anything to become Trishna.

The girl who used to wear a saree now wears modern clothes. The girl who didn't know English is now learning English. How will the girl who only knows a little classical dancing learn how to dance on hip hop music? Many people made fun of her during dance class but she paid no attention to them and after a point, it was the same people that were applauding her for her dance.

Laajo is an example for all those girls who pass judgments on people based on their appearance and form an image of them, making them to be of no use.

In this journey the most difficult thing is that, despite living in the same city, she is unable to meet her husband. She is unable to talk about her journey towards success on every step. Laajo does everything needed that would give her  the respect from Nikhil's family because she wants to feel accepted by them completely.

Laajo is an example for every girl who is trying to follow her dream but for some reason is unable to do so and is unable to fight the  world itself to achieve that dream.

In some way or the other, Laajo fights every obstacle that comes in her way and transforms into Trishna and proves herself to the world. Watch only on Star Utsav, everyday evening at 7:30pm.