The mode of travelling and carrying out business through the waterways has been practiced since a very long time. In fact many of the nations of the world today were discovered as a result of sea voyages and venturing. Because of the widespread travel and businesses through sea, the need to safeguard these activities is of great necessity. The International Boatmen’s Linesmen’s Association (IBLA) is one such organization that provides services related to travel and various businesses through sea routes.

The IBLA, founded on 12 July, 2006, is an international company of companies providing services such as mooring, security, mauling, dropping, and other specialized marine facilities. Besides, it also facilitates cruise ship shuttle service and provision of additional expert crew. The firm also partners with other companies that deal in marine specializations and boatmen services. With some of the best in terms of experienced crew and efficient services, IBLA seeks to fulfill all the requirements for its customers.

Through IBLA, security of travel can be guaranteed both on and off the shore. The occurrence of untoward incidents is a natural phenomenon even at the ports or at sea. IBLA assures to safeguard passengers and those dealing with businesses through sea with the help of trained boatmen and crews. Moreover, IBLA follows the set marine security guidelines by providing the best technology and best industry professionals available. All these assure that the clients will be kept at bay from accidents, thefts, sabotages, and other sort of marine cases like piracy.

Hence, hiring the help of IBLA can be a respite for people dealing in business at the ports. It does not wish to interfere or intends to do so but rather seeks to be a link between different companies.

Presently, the International Boatmen’s Linesmen’s Association is headed by Mr. Marco Mandirola of Italy as the president. The firm’s longtime goal is to be a recognized member of International Maritime Association. To get more information please visit

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