16, March 2016: Everyone must pass through many roads, cross many bridges but all of roads may be unblocked or crowded. But once you get an Airwheel Z3 two wheels electric scooter, it will be unblocked. Lots of users speak highly of this electric scooter after riding on it. Andrea is among them.


At the beginning of choosing the tool for riding instead of walking, Andrea took many into consideration. Obviously for now owning a car is not so easy. She said even if she has the economic ability to buy a car, it will be a headache when facing the traffic congestion in every day. Traditional vehicles are too heavy to carry. At the same time, for a woman of the new era, she cannot accept the old-fashioned transportation tool.

Finally she decides to buy the new released Airwheel Z3 two-wheeled electric scooter. For the appearance, she is very satisfied with the typical color combination of “orange, silver, grey, and white”. Initially she considers how to handle the parking of it.But after her observation on the website of Airwheel, she knows that Z3 can be folded on some parts like the pedals, operating arm and the connection between the front wheel and the pedals, and Z3 only weighs 11.8kg. Putting it into the office is absolutely OK.


Apart from the appearance, the real riding experience is also very good. For traditional scooters, riders always felt very uncomfortable during riding while for Z3 electric scooter, riders can stand on it just like the normal standing posture on the ground.

Another important factor for Andrea is the design of Z3 electric motor’s battery. Before going outside, Andrea puts the backup battery into her backpack in case she forgets to charge her scooter.

Airwheel Z3 is indeed very convenient and she always rides it to go to work. It is true that Z3 is the integration of beauty and utility.

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