As we begin 2014, numerologists are buzzing about the new year’s powerful connection to the number seven. Not only are the last two digits in the year divisible by seven, all of the numbers in the year can also be added to get the number seven. Because the date affects humanity as a whole, learning about the number seven’s numerological significance may help us to understand where we’re headed as a species.

The number seven has a fundamentally analytical and self-examining vibration. Important qualities of the number include the ability to be both self-reflective and self-reliant. According to numerologist Marcy Heller, seven will call for humanity to look within for happiness this year instead of searching for it in the outside world. Numerologist Dan Hardt has predicted that seven will prepare us for a fresh start and give us the encouragement to create a positive change in the world.

Although many people believe the number seven signifies gambling luck, numerologists do not actually associate seven with monetary gains. A profoundly spiritual number, seven does not value material things and instead looks for prizes that cannot be bought and sold.

People with the number seven as their personal life path number tend to find themselves in academic and scientific careers. Because seven is so analytical, it may also influence some people to become strategic planners and analysts. This year, numerology experts say they won’t be surprised if we see more philosophers coming to the center stage searching for ways to bring people together.


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