China - As an enterprise, the brands for product and corporate itself are very important because the brand constriction and influence should be the core business and competitive strength of each developing enterprise. Generally speaking, the development of enterprises is carried out in accordance with their brand culture. So, the brand protection for each business real estate and their famous products should be a long-term and arduous task. Let imagine that if a company's brand and product brands are modeled and imitated by others small business, the impact for their businesses profit and product¡¯s acceptance will be largely decreased. This must be the enormous and unimaginable situation. In that case, each enterprise should take fully consideration to the application of anti-counterfeiting technology and products such as security holographic sticker to their branded products.

The editor from famous Hologram sticker designer and supplier said:¡± The importance of anti-counterfeiting technology for product brands and corporate brands is obviously. If company does not care more about the improving of their anti-counterfeiting level, the widely imitation from other small enterprise can easily cause damage to the company's reputation and economic loss which would influence the foundation of enterprise development.¡±

The brand-name products of enterprise are most likely to be imitated. If the employee from the branded enterprise goes visit the market, they will find that other manufacturer¡¯s products are the same with their products. But, if employee has a closer look, there will still have some difference. However, the consumer is difficult to see what are real products and counterfeit products. In that case, the anti-imitation products such as the Hologram sticker

So, in order to protect the market, the interests of consumers and enterprises¡¯ profit, each enterprise security hologram must improve anti-counterfeiting technology and improve the technological content of security labels such as Hologram sticker. Only in that way these imitated manufacturers are not so easy to replicate the genuine branded products. Along with the anti-counterfeiting technology improving, enterprise could also enhance the external image of them and the well known level of their products, showing enterprise¡¯s responsibility to social and consumers.

Therefore, all of managers of the enterprise should make enough effort to enhance their brand security technology. This action could also ensure that enterprises¡¯ own interests but also improve the development of the industry and market. For consumers, this should be the good news. The security holographic sticker could be the most cost-effective method for enterprise which wants to improve their anti-counterfeiting technology.

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