It has been revealed that the fashion merchandizing industry depends heavily on mannequins. Fashion is all about the visuals and these products offer the maximum attraction when it comes to the visual merchandising. Leading designers have also revealed how these figurines give that added appeal to the clothes that are kept on display for sale.

It has become no secret how retail stores and huge shopping malls depend on perfectly made mannequins to attract the customers and increase sales. With the increase in the level of competition in the fashion industry, there has been an increase in the demand for more unique mannequin designs. Retail fashion and clothing sellers are no longer satisfied with the ordinary designs. There is a steady rise in unique pieces where mannequins offer a different concept.

The House of Hans Boodt mannequin company has become a front runner in the production of unique pieces, that are different from the others and promises to jump out of a crowd and get attention. Close sources have revealed that the company is set to strike up a huge number of deals from some of the largest shopping malls in Paris and Milan. The company’s mannequins are already popular all across the fashions cities, with some of it best designs seen at leading brand stores in Milan, Paris, New York and many more across the western countries.

The designers at The House of Hans Boodt have revealed that they start working with the specifications that have been received from the client companies. A clay model is then created keeping in mind the specifications and then the modeling process is followed on a regular basis. One of the leaders in the industry when it comes to production presentation and store concepts, the company has already made itself a household name among the designer houses. For more information please go to

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The Hans boodt is a leading company that is passionate about everything to do with mannequins. 80 % of the company’s productions are tailored for retail customers, offering its young, flexible and professional experience in the retail sector.


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