China - When it comes to the security holographic sticker, more and more China persons¡¯ firstly thought might be the cigarette packaging. It is indeed that the laser holographic sticker has been earlier applied into the traditional cigarettes¡¯ packages, alcohol bottle, tea packages and other industries¡¯ products and packages. The related technologies for this security method have continued to be emerged very quickly. Furthermore, from the description of editor from website which is the best online supplier for holographic sticker, this security technology could also be used in the cosmetics now and most of women should be very familiar with this.

Why the holographic sticker could be widely applied in the tobacco industry of China? At the early 1990s, the faked and imitated goods and products had flooded in the tobacco industry of China. The annual sales of cigarettes through illegal channels could reach to one million large boxes. Due to this kind of tough market environment for tobacco in China, the application of the laser holographic sticker has been widely used in the tobacco industry of China. After this changing, this market has had great change.

According to the introduction from the Marketing Manager from best online security hologram sticker holographic sticker, the applying of holographic anti-counterfeiting technology in the use of cigarettes and other products could be called the ¡°security ambilight sword", which effectively achieved the perfect unity of anti-counterfeiting packaging and packaging decoration. The holographic image is stereo image which could be displayed on a flat surface.

However, the anti-imitation is inseparable from the enhancing of people¡¯s brand consuming concept. If people do not care about the fake or genuine of the products, the application of the holographic sticker would not play their special role well. Nowadays, with the enhancing of consumers¡¯ branded awareness, the application of the holographic sticker should be not confined to the tobacco. Other industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even the basic necessities of life also exists the laser security technology.

For example, mobile phone after 2002 all has the laser anti-counterfeit stickers which applied the excellent holographic technology. However, some people would have puzzle that the faked one could also have the laser anti-counterfeit tag and stickers. For these faked goods with the imitated holographic stickers and labels, people could not see any difference at first glance. But, if people could have a closer look at finely process, they could find that the faked holographic sticker can be seen tricky as the workmanship between the genuine and faked stickers have large difference in image definition and other details.

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