China - Currently, the leather purses for men and women in today¡¯s market are mostly in the leather material. Although the trend of today¡¯s market is in this kind of situation, it could not rule out that some producers will apply some imitated technology to produce the imitating purse. In this case, all of customers should grasp some basically knowledge about the identification for the leather purses or leather handbag. Today, the best online seller for wholesale leather handbags which website is would teach people some useful and simple methods about the identification for leather purses and handbags.

The first method is looking which should be the most directly way for people to identify the material of the purses and handbags. Generally speaking, whether it is sheepskin, cow leather or a pig skin purse, the surface of the purse or leather handbags will have clear pores and skin grain as long as it had been produced by genuine leather material. However, the glossy of the surface of the purse should be nature enough. This kind of method should be the most commonly method for people to identify the true or false of the purse material.

The second way should be touching. People could use their hand to experience the feeling and toughness of the leather purses and leather handbags. This should be the most important identification method for leather material. All leather material products such as leather handbags and purse should be soft, lubrication, strong, firmly and elastic. If people do not want to be in this kind of boring process, they could simply visit which is the best online shopping mall for all kinds of wholesale leather handbags. All of their purse and handbags are in the genuine leather material. People could set their mind at rest.

The third way should be kneading or dragging by hand. People wholesale handbags can use their hand to gently knead a small piece of leather or pull a small piece of leather of the leather handbag and purse to do the test. If the leather of the purse and leather handbag has centripetal wrinkles after kneading or the leather can quickly restore straight after the wrinkle, it could be said that the leather toughness is very good.

The smelling is another aspect for the testing to the true or false of the leather material of the purse and handbag. Frankly speaking, all of the genuine leather will have some badly smell which the natural flavor of animal. On the other hand, if the purse or the handbag had been made of the imitation leather, it would have huge chemical flavor.

However, most of people prefer to purchase their favorite wholesale leather handbags thing on the Internet. In this kind of situation, some methods above could not be used before the money paying. So, people should find a high reputation online seller for this. The should be the best choice for people who want to purchase their admiring purse and leather handbags.


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