Shanghai - Shanghai is the most booming city and economic centre of China. Now, with the high speed development of China¡¯s economic and politic, more and more people from other countries would prefer to come to this city to have education, business or tourism.

With the increasing of the number of foreign people such as students and business men, the residential problem for these groups of people has become very seriously.

However, the industry of Shanghai house renting agent is becoming more and more popular with the growing of the seriously residential problems.

MRS Lee who is the manager from Shanghai¡¯s famous housing renting agent said:¡± If they want to rent Shanghai Serviced apartment, Houses near Shanghai British School or Houses near Shanghai German School, we could help foreign friends solve all kinds of complicated problems in the renting process. However, foreign people should also pay more attention to some important part such as the signing for renting contract.¡± Now, hope the foreign should carefully look at the below information about the renting contract. If people have other problems, please contact with the customer service from

First, the renting contract should be completely and specific which could Old Apartment in Shanghai be beneficial for specific rental purposes. The natural condition of both renting parties must be clear and unambiguous. The information of the contract should include contact details, telephone and so on.

Secondly, the factors such as rental prices, decoration, sublet, liability for breach of contract should be clear stated. The rental prices should be stated very clear if the price has some level of floating. If the renters want to have some decoration, the attribution or compensation should be clearly stated in the contract in particular for the people who want to rent house for business. In this kind of situation, the house holder should consider the length of the lease term in order to avoid short-term lease which could have losses that caused by decoration. Whether the Shanghai Old house for rent can be subleased or not should be written clear in the contract especially for renters whose renting period is uncertain. Of course, other terms are also important such as maintenance, renewal, etc.

Preferably, some people in Shanghai also want foreigner provide with the rental housing registration. After the obtaining for rental license, renters can apply for a temporary residence permit. This problem should be given attention by renters. However, the manager from website which is the professional house renting agent for old house and Villas for rent in Shanghai would help people solve these problems.

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