25, May 2016: At the beginning of 2015, Airwheel set out to lay out and invest software and Hardware Project in IoT sensing technology, robot technology of deep learning and multi-dimensional transport etc. The success of Airwheel hinges on two issues: the first is to provide users a freer lifestyle making it a daily intelligent companion; the second issue is to help users discover joyful life with more passion to achieve wildest personal values. Since its foundation, Airwheel has kept these two issues, taking X series and Q series as examples.

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As soon as Airwheel entered the market for scooter, it rolled out its first model of the X3 electric hoverboard, followed by X5, X6 and X8. The X series fascinate the riders with its free style attitude, while at the same time offering the same safety. In the market for scooter, the electric unicycle abounded. This kind of scooter might be inspired from acrobats. So it is easy to feel that this device paid more attention to the agility and smartness. Many pro players are quite into it. They usually ride it in the streets and in the park of squares. They show off their thrilling wheelie and agile bodily movement.


In next year, it launched the twin-wheeled scooter. The twin-wheeled structure ensures the great balance when it travels. This kind of scooter both meets the demand for riding and ensures the safety. Their launch caused a sensation in the market for electric scooter.The Q1, Q3, Q5 and Q6 twin-wheeled electric scooters are identified by their colourful designs, and by their weights that vary from 10.6kg to 13.7kg. From then on, Airwheel were back on the track. Even as for the whole sector, the twin-wheeled scooter had a far-reaching influence on the future of scooter.


The first series of Airwheel—X series and Q series set a keynote for the later products.

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