The feisty Priyanka Chopra shares a day in her life with Breakfast to Dinner

~ The vivacious actress indulges in some retail therapy and then juggles work and pleasure on this week’s episode of Breakfast to Dinner on UTV Stars ~


This week, UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinnerspends the day with the ultra glamorous and chic superstar, Priyanka Chopra. An international star in her own right, PC takes the viewers into a day in her life which is filled with tons of work, fun and of course, shopping; all the while talking about her life and things that matter to her.

The day begins, as the ever energetic actress heads to some stores to partake in some serious retail therapy. Piggy Chops, to whom shopping comes as a second nature, talks about her various shopping habits while giving the viewers some great tips when it comes to picking the right stuff. After shopping, the actress turned sensational singer spoke about her lifestyle, giving the viewers an insight into her incredibly busy, superstar life and how she manages to remain grounded despite that.

As the day unravels, Priyanka heads to work, which today is a photo-shoot. Soon after, in keeping with the festive season, the actress gets busy decorating a Christmas tree. Priyanka then goes around playing Santa as she spreads the Christmas cheer and spirit. But not one to ever forget her Punjabi roots, at the end of the fruitful day, Priyanka bids the viewers adieu with a small jig on a peppy Bhangra number.


Catch the ‘Exotic’ Priyanka Chopra this Sunday, 22nd December at 7 PM only on UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner





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