China — Today, the appearance of most mobile phones and smart phones are stereotyped. No matter what beautiful of people’s mobile phone’s appearance, the penetrating of water will let the phone certainly scrapped. So, consumers begin to have the demand for rugged smart phone which has the ability of waterproof, dustproof and anti-shock.

According to this type of demand, the best online seller for Runbo rugged phone ( www ) recently published the new Runbo X5 outdoor rugged cell phone which is maximize the three resistance capability. This new releasing smart phone could not only have tough shocking resistance but also have the functions of intercom, SOS and lighting which are necessary for outdoor activities. It is worth mentioning that this new series of Runbo smart phone also has one set of 3800mAh high capacity battery and supports dual SIM card which is very useful. Currently, this rugged android smart phone is the hot selling products of which is the professional online seller for wholesale rugged smart phone.

On the other hand, the stylish appearance of Runbo X5 would give people rugged smartphone great visual impact. The fuselage of this new released runbo rugged phone is equipped with a 4.3-inch IPS capacitive touch screen which would be protected by special glass. The resolution of this screen is about 800 × 480 pixels which display effect is very clear and clean. In addition to the high resolution screen, the back of the smart phone has also equipped with a camera with 800 million pixels. The image which be taken by this camera is very excellent. No matter what kind of situation, this smart phone could be regarded as the “strongest man” among all of smart phone in current market.

Furthermore, this Runbo X5 is also equipped with a dual-core processor which CPU Clock Speed is about 1GHz. This high performance processor would coordinate with the 4GB ROM and 1 GB RAM. The running of this smart phone is very smooth. On the other hand, the system of this machine is the popular the Android 4.0 operating system which has a wealth of applications and software. It could meet with the entertainment need of each people who prefer to have outdoor activities such as hiking, riding and mountain climbing.

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