Many services usually do not train their consultants about these regulations or the threats that their customers face. It is understandable that managers within an organization would not be familiar with the legal aspects of hiring contractors. So it's the duty of the recruitment agency to ensure that the adviser ensures that both the managers and the contractor work in such a way as to negate those hazards and that the customer is aware of the threats.

Happily these lawsuits do not happen quite often but this does not mean that recruitment advisers can continue to be complacent. These cases happen, this behavior continues and customers are still set at risk because advisers are not trained adequately in the requirements of contract law.
Should recruiting advisers become employment law specialists, but it's important if they are working within recruiting, to comprehend the simple things which may be done to minimize these threats.

Firstly, consultants must always read the contracts which go out for their contractors. If at any stage a contract uses terms like "the employee" or "the team" this can be considered implied employment. The contractor should be referred to as "the Limited Company" or "the Company". Because the contract is with the Limited Company, not the individual contractor, thus the existence of the right of substitution clause that's.

It needs to be strengthened that any contractual negotiations or annual leave must go through the agency. As the contract is between the agency and the contractor, the customer and the customer have no legal reasons to make these dialogues, merely the service can negotiate with the client on behalf of the Limited Company.

It is strongly recommended that recruitment consultants understand the basics of the IR35 regulations. These are all laws which regulate the business that you just can have a direct impact on your own working life and work in. For more details please visit

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