The evergreen and stunning Juhi Chawla on Breakfast to Dinner


~ Spend the day with the vivacious actress as she talks about her palatial home, fitness and films on this week’s episode on UTV Stars ~



Get ready to be charmed beyond your imagination, as coming on board this week on UTV Stars Breakfast to Dinner is the lovely and full of sunshine, Juhi Chawla. Tune in as the actress opens up her house and her life to the viewers giving them a sneak peek into her life.


The day begins with Juhi giving the viewers the grand tour of her splendid and regal looking abode. Chock-full with tasteful works of art and statement pieces of furniture, Juhi claims she just “got lucky” to be staying in such a lavish and beautiful home. The actress however, takes no credit for the upkeep. She may maintain the grandeur of the house but the credit for the artwork and the beauty, the actress says, goes entirely to her husband.


Up next was the magnificent garden. This is the part of the house that the actress fully takes credit for. “I talk to my flowers, I love gardening,” exults the beautiful actress.  After the tour, Juhi settles down with a cup of green tea. She admits that she is not fond of it at all but has it as people call it healthy. Another thing the actress is not fond of is working out. “I don’t believe in workouts, I do yoga,” says Juhi, claiming that the practice helps rejuvenate her.


The fun filled day with Juhi comes to an end as she gets into her swanky car, ready to be driven to her next commitment. “Half my work is done in the car while travelling,” says Juhi as she bids the viewers adieu and takes off.


Catch the effervescent Juhi Chawla exclusively on 9th March, 2014 at 7 pm UTV Stars’ Breakfast to Dinner




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